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The Round the Island Race is organised each year by the Coquet Canoe club, and consists of several races on the sea, catering for all ages and abilities. It is usually a fun day with no-one taking things too seriously. some just come for a paddle around Coquet Island, others for a race against their club mates.

As the race is on the sea obviously the conditions on the day can vary and although the organisers lay on rescue cover for all races it is up to you to decide if you can cope with the conditions on the day. Mind you we have not lost anyone yet!

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Poster                       Round the Island Race 

Sunday 18th June 2017


Check in @ 09:00 a.m. 

                       Race Briefing @ 10:45 a.m. 

                                                 Race Starts 11:00 a.m.

There are 2 races of different levels :-






2016 Winner 2016 Time


Sea kayaks around the Island

5.0 - 5.5 miles

Sea kayak

Minimum 14
(unless accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Neil Turnbull 46.19


Mainly in the harbour

2.5 miles

Kayaks up to 4 m

Under 15 years old/Novices

Jack King 36.16

Trophies will be awarded for these 2 classes

We will allow competent paddlers to use other craft, but there may not be prizes for them.


ENTRY FEES: £ 10.00, U18 £ 5.00
Entry fees include use of WC and showers at Shorebase, plus tea/coffee.

Age categories are based on age on the day of the race.

Junior race:  age catgegories by school year

Island race:                Junior   Under 16

                                Senior 16 – 34

                                Veteran 35 –44

                                Super vet  45 – 54

                                Grand Old man/woman                55 – 64

                                Old man/woman of the sea 65 – 74

                                Ancient Mariner 75 +


Entry Form

Entry Form

FURTHER DETAILS:        Vic Brown    Bailiff’s Cottage, West Thirston, Felton, Morpeth NE65 9EF  

                                                    Tel 01670 789913     email address: - [ vicabrown@btopenworld.com ]

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At the Braid, Amble, Northumberland.

Car parking at the Braid, Amble.  (upstream of the town, follow Marina signs to Braid).

            ENTRIES from 09:45

            Entry Fee:  £10.00p   (18 and under : £5.00p)

Entries are taken on the day.  You may wish to print off an entry form and bring it along with you, already filled in.  Please leave the boxes at the top for the organiser to complete.

            RACE BRIEFING 10:45   

START TIMES 11:00/11:05

START 11:00

            Island Race                 (Sea Kayak)                         (age  14+ )    5.0 - 5.5 miles                

Paddle out of the harbour, clockwise ROUND Coquet Island and back to  the finish line at Amble

START 11:05

            Junior       Kayaks under 4m.  Age under 15.  2.5 miles.  (Older novices can also participate but will not be eligible for prizes).

Paddle out of the harbour, round a marker buoy to the north of the pier and return to the finish line.


            Weather conditions may dictate alternative routes.

PRIZE GIVING 13:30 (approx)

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Safety requirements

Safety Requirements.

            The race round the island involves a mile down the Coquet Estuary,  through the pier ends, then across one mile of open sea to Coquet Island.  The Island has a rocky coastline and seas break on off-lying reefs when there is a swell.  You are advised not to go too close to the island in these conditions.   Tidal streams are not extreme, but cause some disturbed water  in places when running at their fastest.  Experience of paddling at sea is essential.

            All competitors must wear approved buoyancy aids/lifejackets (with whistles).   If  the sea conditions are rough, we will insist on crash helmets being worn.  Sea kayaks have looped in the harbour entrance in the past.  All boats must have maximum buoyancy, and end loops / toggles.

            Boats deemed not to be seaworthy for the prevailing conditions will not be allowed to compete.  Open decked boats may be allowed to compete if sea conditions permit.  The Organiser's decision is final.

If weather/sea conditions  are unfavourable, changes will be made to the course of the race.

Safety Cover

            The Junior  (under 15 / novice), race will be closely supervised by a safety boat while on the sea, and by kayaks in the harbour.

            The Senior classes will have safety  boat cover, but we will not, of course be able to shadow every competitor.  Priority will be given to  those at the rear.

            All competitors should be confident of their ability to stay upright in the prevailing conditions; they should be suitably dressed to survive a prolonged immersion; they should be experienced in deep water rescue  rescues.

            If you see other competitors in trouble and no rescue boat is in attendance please give assistance.

            If you have any doubts - bearing in mind the conditions on the day - please join the Junior   race, which will be more closely supervised.

            Although we will do our best to take care of all competitors, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to compete on the day. If you grossly overestimate your ability, you could risk other lives as well as your own.

All competitors are issued with bibs which are checked out and back through the harbour entrance.  All bibs must be handed back in to confirm safe return of the competitor.  If for any reason you abandon the race, return the bib to race control asap.

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Canoeing Trips in the area - 

Or if you fancy practicing for the race –

Coquet Island lies about 1 mile offshore. It has a lighthouse, recently automated, and several thousand birds in the breading season. These include puffins, terns, eider ducks, guillemots, cormorants, gulls, etc. You may also see gannets, flying down from Bass Rock to feed here. 

It is a bird sanctuary, and landing is not permitted.

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